Admission Guide of  Free Korean Language Program

for Undergraduate Program Candidates at GNU


1  Program Overview

(Content)  Operation  of     free  Korean  language  training  program  who  wish  to  apply  for Gyeongsang National University(GNU)’s                     undergraduate in the 2020 academic year.

(the number of students to be admitted) up to 30

(Course Details)


Course Title


Program detail



TOPIK Test Preparation Coursfor Undergraduate or  Graduatprogram applicants

8  Month(‘19.6.24.~20.2.21(36 weeks))

· Morning &  Afternoon: Intensive Korean Language Program + TOPIK Test Preparation program (4 hours/day, 36 weeks-longtotal 720 hours)

Those who are interested in Undergraduate or Graduate programs at GNU and wants to prepare for TOPIK tests



〇  (Participant  Benefits)  Full  course  fees,  on  campus  accommodation  &  Meal  fees  (up  to

                                            KRW 2,000,000 won)


- Total benefits are equivalent for KWR 4,500,000 Won for 6 months.


-  Apart  from  above  supports,  participants  will  be  responsible  for  airfares,  and  other miscellaneous fees on their own. For more information about fees, please refer to the page. 3.



2  Application Eligibility and Application Requirement


1. Basic Qualification

Applicants and their parents must be citizens of a country(s) other than Korea

Applicants should have no legal or health problems to study in Korea

Applicants must have the financial ability to sustain themselves in Korea

Applicants  must  satisfy  all  criteria  required  by  the  Korean Embassy in your country to obtain a Korean Language Training Visa (D-4-1).

     *  For  more  details  and  requirements  for  D-4-1  Visa,  please  check  with  the  Korean

         Embassy or consulate in your home country.



2. TOPIK Test Preparation Course (8 month course)

(Application Target)

- Those who are interested in the Undergraduate or Graduate program admissions aGNU and want to prepare for TOPIK test.


- Those who have completed or are expected to complete high school curriculum itheir home or other countries.

- Those who have GPA of 75% out of 100% (3.0+ GPA) or higher in high school

- Those who are able to submit all required documents to GNU before the deadline of April 24, 2019 and are able to receive the Korean Language          Training Visa (D-4-1) and enter Korea no later than June 28, 2019.

* We cannot accept those who are not able to satisfy the D-4-1 Visa criteria beforJune 28, 2019. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for applicants to check all of the conditions and requirements for the D-4-1 visa application at the Korean Embassy in your country before applying for this program at GNU.

*    Candidates   who   satisfy   the   D-4-1   Visa   criteria   should   prepare   all   required documents as  early as possible since getting a Korean Entry Visa may take one or two months or even longer.


(Korean Language Ability) *Not required, but recommended

- Holders of TOPIK Level 2 or higher, or equivalent Korean language ability


3. How to Apply and Application Deadline

(How to Apply)

-  Candidates need  to  fill  out  form  1  to  3,  and  submit  the  documents to  responsible staff member.

-  The  responsible staff  member  from  their  home  high  school  should  collect  all  submitted documents and send them as scanned files to                  pobing6@gnu.ac.kr

(Application Deadline) April 24, 2019


Ms. Jieun Byeon

International Program Coordinator, Office of International Affairs

Gyeongsang National University, 501, Jinju-daero, Jinju, Gyeongnam, South Korea

|TEL: +82-55-772-0273| Email: pobing6@gnu.ac.kr |Home Page: http://www.gnu.ac.kr/main/


3  Required Documents

TOPIK Test Preparation course (8 month course)


Required Documents


  Application form (Form 1) *It should be written either in Korean or English


  Self-Introduction (Form 2)    *It should be written either in Korean or English


  High School Diploma oCertificate of (Expected) Graduation

  (It should be notarized in English and certified by the Korean Consulate)


  Photo 3.5*4.5 sized


  Official Certificate of Academic Transcript from High School

  (It should be apostilled or notarized in English and certified by the Korean Consulate.)


  Recommendation Letter in English from an academic adviser or school principals


  A  certificate  of  bank  statement  in  the  name  of  the  applicant  or  parents  that  amounts  to  omore  than US$6,000  for  last  6     months.  if  you  submit  parents’  bank  statement,  you  will  also  need  copy  of  your parentspassport.

  * you need this to apply for the D-4-1 visa at the Korean Embassy. So, please try to keep this amount omore until you apply for the Visa.


  Certificate of Korean Language (TOPIK) or English Language test score   (*If any)


  Copy of the Applicant's Passport


  Certificate of Family Relation (It should be apostilled or notarized in English)


*  The  above  documents  are  basic  requirments  for  Korean  Visa  Application  documents  required  by the   Korean   Embassy.   As   other                  documents   may   also   be   required,   applicants   should   contact Korean  Embassy  in  your  home  country  and  should  prepare  all  required        documents  as  soon  as possiblfor Korean Language  Visa (D-4-1) application.


4  Fee Information (and other fees that applicants need to pay)




Amount (KRW)


TOPIK Test Preparation Course (8 month  course)

Round  trip airfare



Dormitory and  meal  fees


GNU exempts dorm fees up to

KRW 2,000,000.




Alien Card Application fees



Medical Checkup  fees









5  Program Schedule

Application Deadline: April 24, 2019

Successful Candidate Announcement: May 1, 2019

〇  Mailing  of  Admission  documents  and  other  supporting  documents  for  visa  application to Candidates: May 3, 2019

Visa Application to Korean Embassy in your home country: May 6 ~ May 17, 2019


*  Applicants  should  apply  for  Korean  Entry  Visa  (D-4-1)  at  the  Korean  Embassy  or Consulatin  your  home  country  on  your  own.  You        may  also  need  to  have  a  Visa interview there.

Entry to Korea: June 21 ~ June 23, 2019



6  Notes

〇  Candidates  who  wish  to  enter  Undergraduate  or  Graduate  programs  for  the  Sprin2020  (1st  Semester)  must  obtain  TOPIK level  4  or        higher by  early  December 2019. If  they  are  unable  to,  they  must  study and  pay  for  Korean  Language  course  again  at their  own                    expenseafter  the  course  ends  of  Feb.  2020,  to  prepare  for  the  Fall  (2nd Semester) admission.


As  each country may have different requirements for the D-4-1 Visa application, please check   the   necessary   documents   and   requirements           with   the   Korean   Embassy   or Consulate in your home country.



As  the  procedure for  obtaining  a  Korean  Language  Training  Visa  (D-4)  is  complicated and  obtaining  the  Visa  takes  a  long  period  of          time,  applicants  need  to  satisfy  all documents and requirements for obtaining a Korean Training Visa (D-4) at the Korean Consulate or                     Embassas soon as  possible.


Download: Application Forms.docx